Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tablas Creek and Hahn

I just sat down with Tommy Oldre (National Sales Manager) of Tablas Creek and Greg Freeman (Winemaker) of Hahn Family Wines.
 Both had some outstanding wines.
First, the Tablas Creek
All the wines had a great mouthfeel, and balance of minerality and fruit.

I enjoyed both of the "Esprit de Beaucastel" wines, but  thought they were too expensive.
The quality was there, but just not enough "oomph" for my palate.

2009 Cotes de Tablas Blanc

 Round, with stone fruits on the nose, followed by tight  stone fruit flavors. I guessed the retail price to be $25, and that is about right

and these all overdelivered...
2010 Patelin de Tablas Blanc -  Definite mineral notes, but crisp and balanced. I guessed the retail price to be $24, but it's less than $20
2010 Patelin de Tablas Rouge - An easy drinking, red fruit driven, lean rouge. I guessed the price to be $24, but it's less than $20
2007 Tablas Creek Syrah - Terrific! Spicy, deep, layered, inky, earthy. I priced it at $40+, but it's only about 33.

As for the Hahn wines,
They were all fruit-driven selections, with plenty of up-front, ripe fruit. They were also all extreme values, perhaps due to the fact that the winery is family owned, and paid for, so they don't have a lot of overhead or accountants telling them they need to make more money.
2010 Pinot Gris (Santa Lucia Highlands) - Fat, buttery, and rich with notes of pinapple. I priced it at $26+, but it's half that.
2010 Chardonnay (Santa Lucia Highlands) - Easy, Oaky nice, with sweet fruit and a touch of pineapple. I priced it at $24, but it's about half that.
2010 Estate Pinot Noir (Santa Lucia Highlands) - Stunning! Brite, red fruit, with notes of anise and spice. Delish! I priced it at $50+, but it's a fraction of that price.
2010 GSM (Central Coast) - Balanced, Jammy, Fun! I priced it at $22, but it's about half that.
2009 Meritage - It contains all five Bordeaux varietals, and it's perfectly balanced with big, juicy fruit. I priced it at $24. but it's less than $20
2010 Smith & Hook Cab Sauv (Central Coast) - Ripe red fruit on the nose, and a simple, juicy, well made cab on the finish, with great balance. I priced it at $30, and it's well under that price.

As a reminder, I taste wines without knowing the price, and assign each wine a value I would happily pay for the wine. I do not quote actual prices here, because of the nature of this business, but if you're interested in any wines I write about, I can usually find you the best deal in town.